Know the 9 common mistakes when installing vinyl plank flooring

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Would you like to know the 9 common mistakes when installing vinyl plank flooring? 

Transforming your living space with vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice, offering a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Yet, the success of this flooring installation depends on a crucial factor often overlooked: proper installation. 

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or entrusting the task to professionals, being aware of these common missteps is crucial. 

Join us in uncovering the intricacies of vinyl plank flooring installation, ensuring that your floors not only look stunning on day 

one but continue to do so for years to come.

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1. Poor Subfloor Preparation

The first thing to avoid in the vinyl plank flooring installation journey is neglecting proper subfloor preparation. 

A solid foundation is paramount for the stability and longevity of your floors. 

Begin by thoroughly inspecting and cleaning the subfloor, addressing any imperfections or irregularities. Level out uneven areas and repair any damage to create a smooth and stable base for your vinyl planks. 

Rushing through or overlooking this step can result in an uneven surface, compromising the integrity of the entire installation.

2. Inadequate Expansion Gaps

Vinyl, like many flooring materials, expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. 

Failing to account for this natural movement by omitting expansion gaps can lead to buckling, warping, and other undesirable issues over time.

During installation, make it a priority to leave sufficient space around the perimeter of the room and at transitions between different spaces or flooring materials. 

These gaps accommodate the potential expansion of the vinyl planks, preventing them from pressing against walls or fixtures. 

3. Neglecting Underlayment

Skipping or neglecting underlayment is the third common mistake that can result in a less comfortable and less durable vinyl plank flooring experience.

Underlayment serves as a crucial layer between the subfloor and the vinyl planks, it helps smooth out minor subfloor imperfections, reduces noise transmission, and adds a layer of insulation. 

When embarking on your installation project, consider the specific underlayment recommended for your vinyl planks. Taking the time to include this vital layer in your installation process contributes to a more resilient and enjoyable flooring solution in the long run.

4. Incorrect Installation Pattern

common mistakes when installing vinyl plank flooring

Coming in at number four is the common mistake of choosing an incorrect installation pattern for your vinyl plank flooring. 

Failing to plan the installation pattern properly may lead to awkward seams, misalignment, or a disjointed look that detracts from the beauty of your flooring.

Before starting the installation process, carefully consider the layout of your space and the dimensions of the vinyl planks. 

Whether you opt for a classic staggered pattern, herringbone, or another design, planning ahead ensures a cohesive and visually pleasing outcome. 

5. Ignoring Manufacturer Guidelines

Number five on our list underscores the importance of adhering to manufacturer guidelines during vinyl plank flooring installation.

Every flooring product comes with specific instructions from the manufacturer regarding acclimation, installation methods, and maintenance.

Disregarding these guidelines can lead to suboptimal results, affecting the performance and longevity of your vinyl plank floors.

6. Using the Wrong Tools

common mistakes when installing vinyl plank flooring

Mistake number six involves using the wrong tools during the installation of vinyl plank floor.

Using inappropriate or outdated tools may lead to uneven cuts, difficulty in fitting planks together, and an overall subpar installation.

Before starting your project, familiarize yourself with the recommended tools for vinyl plank flooring installation. 

Whether it’s a quality utility knife, a tapping block, or a suitable saw, having the right tools on hand ensures a smoother and more accurate installation process. 

7. Poor Seaming 

The seventh common mistake involves poor seaming practices during vinyl plank flooring installation. 

Inadequate seaming can result in gaps, uneven surfaces, and potential long-term issues.

When installing vinyl plank flooring, pay close attention to the seams and joins between planks. Ensure a snug fit, utilizing appropriate installation methods recommended by the manufacturer. 

Properly sealed seams contribute to the overall water resistance of the flooring and prevent debris or moisture from compromising the adhesive. 

8. Incorrect Undercutting of Door Jambs

common mistakes when installing vinyl plank flooring

Mistake number nine in vinyl plank flooring installation involves the incorrect undercutting of door jambs. 

Ensuring a seamless and professional appearance around doorways is essential for a cohesive flooring design. 

Before laying the vinyl planks, take the time to accurately measure and undercut door jambs to allow for a smooth transition. 

Failing to properly undercut door jambs may result in uneven transitions and a less polished overall look.

9. Lack of Post-Installation Inspection 

The final and crucial consideration in vinyl plank flooring installation is often overlooked: the lack of a post-installation inspection. 

After the planks are laid and the last piece is in place, it’s tempting to consider the job complete. 

However, skipping a thorough post-installation inspection can result in unnoticed issues that may manifest over time, impacting the longevity and performance of your flooring.


In the journey of vinyl plank flooring installation, attention to detail reigns supreme. From acclimation to post-installation inspection, each step plays a vital role in the longevity and visual appeal of your floors. 

Installing vinyl plank flooring correctly requires precision and care. It’s a complex task, and that’s why relying on professionals is crucial. 

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