Consider a flooring store for all your flooring needs

Having the right kind of flooring in your home or business is essential. Unfortunately for many people, it’s a much larger task from start to finish when it comes to the flooring installation process. You have to take multiple factors into consideration, such as type of flooring, the climate you live in, who’s going to install your flooring, and more. Many people realize when they start the whole flooring process that it’s a much larger project than they imagine, leaving them stuck and not knowing what to do.

Flooring stores are here to help with all those problems and more. They’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to successfully complete your project. From start to finish, they’ve got you covered. Flooring experts want to give you nothing except their highest-quality work. Furthermore, professionals understand how difficult it can be to select a final option with all the different choices that exist.

Today, this guide will help you understand all this and more. You’ll learn about main types of flooring, the different services that a flooring store offers, and all the tips and tricks about how to choose the right type for you. Lastly, you’ll discover how to maintain your floor to keep it in top condition for years to come.

Different types of flooring

As a consumer, it’s best to have multiple options in mind even if you have an idea of what you already want. That way you’re aware of all your options and can change your mind if one flooring option doesn’t work the way you want it to. The type of flooring that a flooring store offers vary by their specialties, so you’ll have to ensure the flooring store you choose sells the type of flooring you want. Here’s a general overview of all the flooring options you have available to you.

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Hardwood flooring is a type of flooring made entirely from wood pieces. It’s all natural and doesn’t contain mixes of other materials like other flooring types. Popular varieties of hardwood flooring include oak, maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and ash. There are less popular varieties, but those tend to cost more money. 

Installing hardwood flooring costs anywhere from $6-$12 per square foot which includes labor and material fees. Exotic wood varieties cost more than that range. Other factors that affect the cost of hardwood installation are how much hardwood flooring you need installed and if you need more than one type installed.

Because hardwood is a natural material, it needs to be cleaned by a hardwood floor cleaner once a month at least. Additionally, a new finish needs to be applied every five years or so to keep the condition of the wood in top shape.

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Laminate flooring has multiple layers to it. The first layer is particle board wood. On top of the particle board is a photo of hardwood or tile. There’s a protective film on top of the photo to prevent discoloration or tearing of the photo. Laminate flooring is artificial and made with cheaper materials which makes it a great option for people looking to save money. 

On average, laminate flooring costs $3-$7 per square foot which includes labor and material fees. Another reason why many people like laminate flooring is that there are many color and pattern varieties to choose from. It’s also easier to clean than hardwood and doesn’t require as much maintenance because it’s made from synthetic materials on the surface.

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Many people get vinyl flooring and laminate confused with one another. While they do share some similarities, their differences are important to understand when choosing a flooring type for your home or business. Vinyl flooring is made from completely synthetic materials and doesn’t have a particle board base like laminate flooring does. The first layer of vinyl flooring is a carrier sheet or type of backing. On top of it sits the flooring design which is made from the vinyl material. 

Because vinyl is fully synthetic, it’s water resistant. There are also thousands of different designs, colors, and styles that vinyl floors are made out of. Consumers also like vinyl because it’s one of the cheaper flooring options out there, averaging anywhere from $3-$16 per square foot including installation and materials. Vinyl is also incredibly easy to keep clean, making it a great option for people who aren’t home a lot or who are stressed for time.

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Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is similar to normal hardwood flooring but costs less. Instead of the full piece of flooring containing all-natural wood, engineered hardwood is made from a thin layer of hardwood in addition to a layer of plywood substrate. This gives home and business owners the look of real wood without the higher price points. On average, you can expect engineered hardwood flooring to cost $4-$15 per square foot, including the cost of materials and labor. It’s also easy to install which makes it a great option for DIY projects. 

It has a higher resistance to moisture than regular hardwood has but emits harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to the plywood substrate layer. Additionally, the color of engineered hardwood flooring fades over time because of the natural wood top layer.

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Stone flooring is just as its name sounds. It’s chunks of flooring cut out directly from stone and shaped to your liking. There are many varieties of stone flooring, including limestone, sandstone, granite, marble, and travertine. It’s one of the most durable flooring types and offers a home or business an excellent depth to their flooring as opposed to flatter flooring types like hardwood, vinyl, and tile. Stone also offers a very elegant look to homes and businesses. 

Stone flooring is also one of the most expensive flooring types to install, costing on average $8-$47 per square foot including the price of materials and labor. Only skilled individuals who are specially trained to install stone succeed in installing it because of its shapes, sizes, materials, and weight. It’s also difficult to clean properly; different types of stone require different cleaning products and procedures.

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Tile flooring encompasses many different materials of flooring that are cut into equally sized tiles, sealed to the ground, and have spaces filled with grout. The most popular tile materials are porcelain, non-porcelain, and natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles differ from stone flooring in that tiles are filed down to have a smooth, consistent top. 

Because there are so many materials tile is made from, the costs differ quite a bit. You can expect to pay at least $7-$14 per square foot for porcelain and non-porcelain materials including the price of labor and materials. Natural stone tiles can cost much more to install, especially if you’re getting a more exotic type of stone. 

Many people like tile flooring because it’s easy to clean and maintain. Many tile varieties are also water resistant and don’t get damaged by water quickly. Additionally, tile lasts for a very long time. If taken care of properly, your tile flooring can last up to 20 years or more.

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Carpet is one of the most popular flooring options, especially in bedrooms or home offices. It’s soft and has many colors and designs you can choose from. Many modern carpet choices are even created with stain-resistant properties, which is always a favorite in kids’ bedrooms. Additionally, carpet is relatively inexpensive to install, costing on average $3.50-$11 per square foot including labor and materials. 

However, carpet is notorious for being difficult to clean. It’s not uncommon for carpet to stain easily, especially if you have a lighter color. It’s also easy for crumbs and dirt to get stuck in carpet fibers which can give carpeting a matted, unpleasant texture if not cleaned right away.

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Last but definitely not least is linoleum flooring. Linoleum is made from multiple all-natural ingredients, making it an environmentally friendly option that also lasts a long time. Linoleum is composed of linseed oil mixed with cork dust, pine resin, ground limestone, pigments for color, and/or wood flour. This mixture is placed on a natural plant fiber background that’s called jute.

Although linoleum doesn’t have as many color options as carpeting, the simplicity of natural materials gives linoleum designs a modern look. It’s for this reason why linoleum is popular amongst businesses- it’s easy to take care of, lasts for a long time, and is tasteful in design. Linoleum also doesn’t fade because the pigment goes all the way through.

Linoleum flooring is also a pretty affordable flooring option. It costs $2-$6.50 per square foot to install, including the price of materials and installation.

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Services a flooring store offers

High-quality flooring stores are there to help you out with all your flooring needs. They usually offer services to help you from the conception of your flooring project all the way through installation and beyond. It’s important to note that all flooring stores are different and the specific services they offer vary by company. Take a look at this general overview of services that many flooring stores offer to consumers.

How to choose the right type of flooring from a flooring store

Now you know a little more about what types of flooring you have available to you as well as how helpful flooring stores are. While the flooring store you choose may offer design ideas and suggestions, it’s ultimately up to you to make a final decision about the flooring type you get. Continue reading to know what to keep in mind while choosing a flooring type from your flooring store.


Climate is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to when deciding on a floor option. If you live in a humid climate, it’s wise to choose an option that is water resistant and isn’t made with untreated natural materials. Over time, untreated natural materials soak up moisture and could warp or get moldy. If you live in a dryer climate, you have more options to choose from.

Post-Installation Maintenance

Another factor to pay attention to is the amount of post-installation maintenance required to keep your floor in good condition. Some materials require more maintenance and other materials don’t need any maintenance at all except routine cleaning. If you don’t have a lot of time to properly maintain one type of flooring, maybe choose an option that requires less overall maintenance.

Personal Preferences

Everybody has their own style and personal preferences. Luckily there are thousands of different styles, patterns, and colors of flooring to choose from. Having a certain color scheme or style of flooring in mind while you search can help you save time with your flooring project.


Your budget is another determining factor when it comes to your final flooring selection. If you have a larger budget, you have many options available to you ranging from exotic natural selections to fully synthetic selections. Even if you have a tighter budget, there are still many affordable flooring types you can choose from.

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How to best maintain your floor

Having your floor installed is only half of the battle. You want to keep your floor clean and in working condition for as long as possible, so it’s important that you maintain it to keep its current condition. Here, you’ll read about how to maintain each type of flooring so you’re fully prepared for anything.

Maintaining Hardwood

Because hardwood is an all-natural flooring type, you need to pay close attention to it and maintain it properly. Always clean up spills right away so the moisture doesn’t absorb into the wood and stain it. You also need to use a wood floor cleaner on your hardwood floor once a month to get all the caked in dirt, germs, and grime off your floor. Lastly, hardwood floors need to be refinished once every 3-5 years.

Maintaining Laminate

Laminate material is on the softer side, meaning it scratches easily. Never clean your laminate floors with hard-bristled brushes or steel wool. Instead, use something like a mop or dust broom to clean the floor’s surface. Use a gentle cleansing agent to clean any spills, stains, or sticky spots. 

Maintaining Vinyl

Vinyl is maintained the same way laminate is. It scratches easily, so you’ll want to use a gentle brush, mop, or dust broom to clean with. Try not to leave spills on your floor for longer than an hour or two, otherwise you risk staining your floor.

Maintaining Engineered Hardwood

Maintaining engineered hardwood isn’t as involved as maintaining normal hardwood floors. You still want to wipe spills up right away if you can. However, you don’t have to use special wood cleaners. Instead, use a broom, vacuum, and damp cloth of your choice to regularly clean your floor.

Maintaining Stone

Stone floors are more difficult to maintain, as they require special cleaning and conditioning to remain in good condition. Dirt, grit, and sand are stone flooring’s worst nightmares, as they’re abrasive and can scratch or chip away at your stone. The best way you can maintain a stone floor is by sweeping and vacuuming it regularly. Additionally, you may want to get your stone flooring resealed and polished every few years to give it a fresh look.

Maintaining Tile

Maintaining tile floors is a lot simpler than stone floors. Cleaning up spills as soon as possible, dusting, sweeping, and mopping are all good tile-cleaning protocols you should follow. The only thing you may need to deep clean every few months is the grout, as bright colors especially stain easily and accumulate dirt and grime.

Maintaining Carpet

Carpet’s notoriously difficult to clean. Ensure you wipe spills up right away and absorb as much liquid as possible. If you stain your carpet, there are stain-removal sprays you can purchase. However, if a stain sits for too long, you may need to get it professionally extracted for the color to lift up. Ensure you vacuum your carpet weekly to keep any dirt, crumbs, or other buildup from accumulating in your carpet.

Maintaining Linoleum

Linoleum is low maintenance. All you need to do is sweep, vacuum, and use a gentle cleanser regularly and you’re good to go. After using floor cleaner, let your linoleum air dry so you don’t get towel fibers stuck in your freshly cleaned floor.

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Concluding thoughts

Hopefully, you gained valuable information about different types of flooring, how to choose a type of flooring, how to maintain your flooring, and how a flooring store can help you with all your flooring needs. The flooring process doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you need old floors removed, your current flooring refurbished, or have a flooring project you need installation for, EcoFlooringUSA is here to help you out. 

The only thing left for you to do is give us a call. Are you ready to take your flooring project to the next level? We can’t wait to hear from you!