Frequently asked questions from our customers

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes. In order for us to offer the best service to our clients, we do encourage you to fill up a contact form explaining you project and giving us all possible information about your needs. Next step would be an on-site consultation where we meet with you in person to discuss your project. In this meeting we will discuss installation and/or stain options and show you finish samples. In this meeting we can give you an exact price as well as financing options.

Why Should I Go with A Dustless Sanding Company?

The benefits are numerous! Very minimal dust and clean up. No lingering irritants, no down time for site protection, and a better finish on your floors. It is the best choice for a cleaner and healthier job. Hardwood dust is a known carcinogen, and with the dustless system that is no longer a problem.

How Dustless Is Dustless Sanding?

You will be amazed at how little dust is left. No system is dust-free, but our system is among the best in the industry. Our vacuum system is HEPA filtered and connected to the sanding machines with crush proof hoses. 99.9% of the dust from your floor is extracted and collected into the plastic lined, sealed drum of the vacuum.

What Are The Advantages Of Water-Based Finishes Over Oil-Based Finishes?

Basically everything! Very low odor, fast drying time and cure time, which allows you to be back on your floor in a fraction of the time compared to oil-based finishes. It offers superior durability that outlast oil-based 4 to 1.

How Long Does The Sanding And Finishing Or Refinishing Process Usually Take?

A typical layout of a living room, dining room, hallway, and 3 bedrooms (1,000 sq ft) will take 3-5 days. Day 1 we will sand the floor and apply the stain. Day 2 we will apply 2 coats of finish over the stain. Day 3 we will apply the final coat and install shoe moulding or quarter round. Day 4 we will move your furniture back in. 1 extra day is needed if the floor will need extra sanding due to a very dark stain choice or if the floor is in bad shape.

Do I Have To Leave My Home While The Floor Is Being Sanded And Finished?

If you can withstand the noise of the sanders and have an extra room to stay in, then no. There is no odor from the finish but the freshly coated areas must be avoided until the dry time is complete.

How Much Does A Refinish Cost?

This is a question we receive often. There are too many variables to determine pricing until we have set our eyes on the job. Some floors are in worse shape than others and more sanding is required. Our dustless sanding system starts at $2.50 per sq ft.

What Species Of Hardwood Should I Buy?

We will help you decide on what type of wood based on your style, color preference, and your budget.

How Long After The Floor Is Completed Can I Walk On It And Move My Furniture Back In?

Our water-based finish is the fastest drying and fastest curing in the industry. You can walk on the floor 4 hours after the final coat is finished with socks. You can move your furniture back in 24 hours after the final coat is applied.

Will You Tear Out My Existing Floor?

Yes we will. There is an extra charge for carpet, padding, tack strip, and staple removal. The cost is greater for tearing out hardwood or tile.

Can You Repair Water Damaged Or Stained Boards?

Yes we can. If a large section of your floor needs to be repaired or replaced, we will have to sand and stain the floor to blend the old wood with the new wood that we install.

Once Installed How Often Must Wood Flooring Be Replaced?

Every hundred years or so. Simple care and maintenance keep wood floors looking beautiful for a lifetime. Instead of laying a new floor it can be buffed and coated every 5-6 years and refinished every 15-20 years. We offer 5 years refinish warranty for solid wood species and 1 year limited installation warranty for normal residence foot traffic valid from the date of the completion of the installation/refinish.

How Are The Surface Finishes To Be Maintained?

Simply dust mopped or vacuumed regularly. For deep cleaning and sanitizing you can use a steam mop or Basic Coatings product “Squeaky”, which we recommend.

My Family Has Allergies. Is Wood Flooring Hypo-Allergenic?

Tests by leading allergists have proven that wood flooring provides a healthier environment for people with allergies. Wood does not harbor irritating dust and micro-organisms.

Can Cleaning Products Used On Vinyl Or Tile Floors Be Used On Wood Floors As Well?

No. Never use sheet vinyl or tile cleaner on wood floors. And never use acrylic wax on wood floors. They can cause the wood to become slippery and dull. The floor, then, must be sanded and refinished. Also, never use Murphy’s Oil or any type of oil based soap, such as Orange Glo or Mop N’ Glo due to the fact that we can not do a maintenance coat over these types of cleaners. The new coat simply will not bond to the floor.

How Can I Prevent Scratches On Wood Flooring?

Place mats and throw rugs at door ways to help protect wood floors from dirt and grit. Place felt pads under furniture legs and dust or vacuum your floors regularly.

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