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Building a bright future

We take our responsibility to support our people, our economy, and our planet by acting. It’s never too late to identify and implement more environmentally-friendly practices. It’s the responsibility of people of all ages, all over the world, to play a part in making our planet a cleaner, safer place to work and play.

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20+ years of experience

With 20 years of experience in the environmental field, we know how to safely install nontoxic and eco-friendly flooring materials.

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Top frequently asked questions

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes and no. In order for us to offer the best service to our clients, we do not do free on-site estimates.

However, we offer a very accurate resource, our cost calculator, where you can fill with your project specifications, and it will give you an estimate.

Next steps would be an on-site consultation where we meet with you in person to discuss your project. In this meeting we will discuss installation and/or stain options and show you finish samples. In this meeting we can give you an exact price. On-site Consultation is just $125 which is then credited toward your final budget.

Why Should I Go with A Dustless Sanding Company?

The benefits are numerous! Very minimal dust and clean up. No lingering irritants, no down time for site protection, and a better finish on your floors. It is the best choice for a cleaner and healthier job. Hardwood dust is a known carcinogen, and with the dustless system that is no longer a problem.

How Dustless Is Dustless Sanding?

You will be amazed at how little dust is left. No system is dust-free, but our system is among the best in the industry. Our vacuum system is HEPA filtered and connected to the sanding machines with crush proof hoses. 99.9% of the dust from your floor is extracted and collected into the plastic lined, sealed drum of the vacuum.

What Are The Advantages Of Water-Based Finishes Over Oil-Based Finishes?

Basically everything! Very low odor, fast drying time and cure time, which allows you to be back on your floor in a fraction of the time compared to oil-based finishes. It offers superior durability that outlast oil-based 4 to 1.

How Long Does The Sanding And Finishing Or Refinishing Process Usually Take?

A typical layout of a living room, dining room, hallway, and 3 bedrooms (1,000 sq ft) will take 3-5 days. Day 1 we will sand the floor and apply the stain. Day 2 we will apply 2 coats of finish over the stain. Day 3 we will apply the final coat and install shoe moulding or quarter round. Day 4 we will move your furniture back in. 1 extra day is needed if the floor will need extra sanding due to a very dark stain choice or if the floor is in bad shape.

Do I Have To Leave My Home While The Floor Is Being Sanded And Finished?

If you can withstand the noise of the sanders and have an extra room to stay in, then no. There is no odor from the finish but the freshly coated areas must be avoided until the dry time is complete.

How Much Does A Refinish Cost?

This is a question we receive often. There are too many variables to determine pricing until we have set our eyes on the job. Some floors are in worse shape than others and more sanding is required. Our dustless sanding system starts at $2.50 per sq ft.

Top-Rated Flooring Solutions

What people are saying about Eco Flooring USA

The guys at ECO flooring were great, the can in laid new hardwood floors in our upstairs and resurfaced our downstairs floors, the floors look beautiful. Recommend hiring them again.

Adam S. / Hardwood Floor Refinishing

ECO Flooring installed bamboo floors in 4 bedrooms and closets of my house. It took just only days. I like the professionalism and quality of the service. Great job!

Dmitrii S. / Floor Installation or Replacement

Glauco and his team installed 600 sq ft of LVT and they were awesome. I am plan unto use him for flooring installation again and recommend him highly.

Margie H. / Floor Installation or Replacement

Aww man, where do I start? The Guys at eco flooring are the real deal! They laid about 1600 sqft of vinyl planks in my house in 2 days. They did an amazing job!

Belita T. / Floor Installation or Replacement

Glauco and his team did a great job installing hardwood floors to the main level of my home. I had an estimate on Thursday and my floors were fully installed by Saturday. Very efficient at a fair price. Extremely pleased with the finished product.

Tyler S. / Floor Installation or Replacement

Glauco and his team was wonderful! We are very impressed and so happy we moved forward with Glauco. His experience and knowledge was helpful in deciding what options we had in resurfacing our floors.

Evan H. / Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Glauco and his team did an amazing job. They removed 2 rooms and closets of carpet and laid beautiful vinyl flooring to the entire downstairs level. It is even better then we expected. Would recommend to anyone.

Stefanny A. / Floor Installation or Replacement

Glauco did an outstanding job. Not only did they complete the job on time and above satisfaction—-the floors are beautiful. He returned twice to help us with questions and a random stain that happened after he left by another worker in the house and he fixed it free of charge. Thank you Glauco!

McKenzie D. / Hardwood Floor Refinishing

My vinyl plank floors turned out beautifully. Glauco also had to replace half of my old particle board subfloor and install new baseboards. I would highly recommend this company.

Janie P. / Floor Repair

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Modern home with new environmentally flooring installed by Eco Flooring USA
Modern home with new environmentally flooring installed by Eco Flooring USA
Modern home with new environmentally flooring installed by Eco Flooring USA
Modern home with new environmentally flooring installed by Eco Flooring USA
Modern home with new environmentally flooring installed by Eco Flooring USA

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