Trends in property management for residential retention success

Trends in property management

Trends in property management have never been more crucial to ensuring success in the constantly evolving real estate landscape. In today’s dynamic market, growth methods through customer acquisition are not enough.

According to a study conducted by Biuldium, property management companies are exploring alternative expansion strategies. The research revealed that property management companies are increasingly focused on diversifying their growth approaches.

One of the main challenges in property management is maintaining tenant satisfaction and retention. With increasing competitiveness in the market, retaining residents has become a critical focus for property managers. 

Therefore, Eco Flooring USA brought the main trends in property management for successful residential retention.

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1 – Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

With growing environmental concerns, energy efficiency and sustainability have become significant factors in residential retention.

According to GreenPrint’s second Corporate Sustainability Index, 75% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy, for example.

Property managers are increasingly implementing green initiatives such as energy-efficient appliances, sustainable building materials and eco-friendly amenities to attract and retain environmentally conscious residents.

Eco friendly flooring options, for example, offer several benefits. Selecting flooring certified by reputable programs like FloorScore and GreenGuard ensures compliance with strict indoor air quality standards and demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and customer health.

Additionally, eco-friendly floors contribute to energy efficiency by providing superior insulation, reducing the need for heating and cooling, and lowering utility costs over time.

Furthermore, energy efficient homes are attractive to consumers due to reduced utility bills and long-term cost benefits.

2 – Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance uses data analytics and technology to anticipate and resolve maintenance issues before they escalate.

By leveraging predictive maintenance tools, property managers can identify potential problems early, proactively schedule repairs, and minimize disruptions and discomfort for residents.

This proactive approach not only improves tenant satisfaction by ensuring well-maintained properties, but also reduces maintenance costs and increases operational efficiency.

3 – Online Rental Marketplaces

Online Rental Marketplaces

The rise of online rental marketplaces has transformed the way tenants search for and rent properties. Property management companies are utilizing digital platforms and listing services to reach a broader audience of potential renters.

By entering the rental market online, property managers can streamline the leasing process, provide virtual property tours and offer convenient online payment options, improving the overall tenant experience and increasing resident retention rates.

4 – Automation and Technology Adoption

Automation and Technology Adoption

Automation and technology adoption are changing property management operations, enabling companies to streamline processes, improve efficiency and provide enhanced services to residents.

From automated rent collection and lease management systems to smart home technology and remote property monitoring, property managers are adopting innovative solutions to streamline operations.

By incorporating automation and technology into their practices, companies can increase productivity, reduce costs and create more personalized experiences for tenants.

5 – Enhanced Resident Experience

Enhanced Resident Experience

As already mentioned, in the competitive rental market, focusing on improving the experience for residents has proven crucial to retaining tenants.

This includes offering amenities like fitness centers, common spaces, and on-site events to foster a sense of community.

Additionally, property managers are investing more on responsive maintenance services, from updating property aesthetics such as changing flooring and painting walls, to personalized resident services.

For example, 40% of property management companies plan to expand their services in the coming years with new offerings to their customers, such as cleaning and external services. 

On the other hand, 33% plan to expand the types of properties they manage, moving into sectors such as vacation rentals and community associations.

6 – Improved Tenant Communication

Improved Tenant Communication

Effective communication is essential to building and maintaining good relationships with tenants. 

Property management companies are leveraging technology, such as mobile platforms and online portals, to improve communication channels with residents.

To make this clearer, 95% of rental owners and 90% of tenants prefer to interact with their property management company online through processes such as electronic payments, document sharing, communications and maintenance ticketing.

This allows for quick and convenient communication of maintenance requests, lease renewals, community announcements and other important information.

By improving communication between tenants, property managers can quickly address concerns, provide important updates, and foster a feeling of transparency and trust, leading to higher tenant satisfaction and retention rates.

7 – Prioritizing property security and safety measures

Prioritizing property security and safety measures

Ensuring the safety of residents and properties should be a priority for property management companies. In response to growing security concerns, property managers are enforcing robust security measures and protocols to protect residents and their belongings.

This includes installing surveillance cameras, access control systems and adequate lighting in common areas to deter crime and increase security.

Additionally, property managers have begun conducting regular safety inspections, implementing emergency response plans, and providing residents with safety education and resources to promote a safe living environment.


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